Washington, DC - I really don't want to take my column space to write anything else about Kim Jong-un. There is so much going on in America and the world that I would rather write about.

Here we are again with this idiot dominating the news in our country. I don't think anyone has ever liked this weirdo. For the past decade we have simply brushed him off as the North Korea Kook. Former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman has been there to play basketball and the dictator referred to Rodman as the highest-ranking diplomat to visit North Korea from the United States. Huh? Rodman is just a retired professional basketball player. He was a great player.

Washington, DC - Ask Rusty - Deemed Filing & 50% of Spouse's Benefit

Dear Rusty:  I would like to know more about spousal benefits allowing a husband or wife to receive up to 50 percent of a spouse's Social Security benefits.  I believe it is called spousal deeming of Social Security benefits, and I'm wondering if this is something we can take advantage of.  My wife, who is 64, has not retired yet, and I retired in June at the age of 66.  Thank you for your time.  I hope you can clarify whether or not this is something relative to us.  Signed:  Wondering